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  Xbox One: Microsoft reveals next generation console live blog
Time: 12:23 EST/17:23 GMT | News Source: The Guardian | Posted By: Robert Stein

Hello and welcome to the Guardian's live blog of the Xbox reveal in Redmond, Washington. The as-yet unnamed console will be the first major revamp of the popular Xbox since Xbox 360 debuted in 2005. Microsoft's announcement comes two months after its rival Sony released some details on its forthcoming Playstation 4 console. The two systems are expected to have similar technical specifications and a key focus of today's announcement will be how Microsoft plans to differentiate itself from its competitor. One way Microsoft might be able to do this is with updates to the motion-sensing Kinect device. Kinect 2.0 is rumored to have advanced capabilities that can track four separate players and allow people to log in with facial recognition. It's possible Microsoft will save some announcements for its E3 conference in June and the company will likely keep quiet on a release date or price for the new console.

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Microsoft Corp. will unveil its new Xbox on Tuesday. What's underneath the hood of the latest videogame console represents a multiyear odyssey of trying to figure out how to keep the machine "cool" in the age of smartphones and tablets. Since the last Xbox debuted in 2005, Microsoft has produced multiple prototypes for a new console and experimented with different technologies for it, said people familiar with the matter. The company has looked at streaming games from far-away servers to the latest Xbox; sending recorded videos of game exploits on the Web from the console; and including various television technologies, these people said.

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